About the project & Team

Between Crowds and Empires is a multimedia online publication on the collaborative economy. The publication unites digital knowledge and innovation-oriented thinking and has also been released in August 2016 with the objective of fostering the transmission of skills and role-models. In the beginning of the 21 century the publication intends to help youth to understand how to engage in economically sustainable initiatives of the new economy. Inspiration comes from Co-Working Founders, Community Builders, Economists, Artists, Young Entrepreneurs and Consumption Researchers. The intention behind the research model and the publication was to develop a capacity to leverage on market opportunities for the creation of (self-)employment in the digital age. The content ranges from Interviews, Videos, Prezis (multimedia presentations), Illustrations and essay alike contributions.

The Team


ROBIN RESCH is an artist, curator, and entrepreneur based in Berlin. As a photographer he observes and plays with the visual representation of power in architecture and urban development making use of performance and antique photography. His curatorial projects focus on research based arts. He has been part of Transnational Dialogues since 2011 and was awarded the curatorial stipend of Goethe Institut China in 2013. Additionally, he has initiated a variety of curatorial projects, exhibitions, and publications in collaboration with Brazilian, Chinese, and European partners. He is a founding member of Artoholics – tracing on cultural, social and urban phenomena, a member of urban dialogues Berlin and CEO of coGalleries – where art lives. Resch holds a Master in spatial strategies – exploratory art in public sphere from Kunsthochschule Berlin-Weißensee, and a diploma in International Arts Management.


ERIK RODRIGUES is an Administration undergraduate at Rio de Janeiro State University. Having participated in business consulting and sourcing and screening projects, he is currently pioneering a neighborhood mobilization platform (Meier +) and cocreating development projects in North Zone Rio, also working as the facilitator of Ação project in Chácara do Céu Favela. All his projects deal with civic engagement and citizenship development, helping to form leadership amongst the youth of specific territories.


SIWEI SUN 孙思维 is an independent researcher, who holds a B.A. in Japanese Language & Literature and a M.A. in Anthropology. From 2012 to 2013, she joined in with Approach Architecture on an urban regeneration project in central Beijing as a curator and a translator. Her latest project is to design a lunch box prototype, via local co-op and social outreach, for the left-behind children in rural Sichuan.


FELIPE DUARTE, originally a painter and teacher, has developed a multidisciplinary approach that includes performance, social artistry, writing and situational art, often blurring the line between the work and the public. His activities conspire to evolve how we relate to each other and with ourselves, mixing art, social innovation and entrepreneurship. Guided by the notion that perception is at all times a political act, he founded businesses, fostered communities and created artwork that challenges our conceptions of right and wrong, merit, class, privilege and how they shape our personal narratives. Catete92, Desenvolvimento93, Estúdio Pira, Pirataria.Co, Meconte.net and onervosismodaexistencia.com are some of his participatory experiments that have unfolded over the last 5 years.


PEDRO VICTOR BRANDÃO is an artist. He works with photography, performance and social practices. He has a degree in Photography at Universidade Estácio de Sá, (Rio de Janeiro, 2009) and has attended to liberal study courses at Escola de Artes Visuais do Parque Lage (Rio de Janeiro, 2005-2010 and 2015). Since 2003, he has been developing works about new meanings for the technical image today, researching iconoclasm, oblivion, and the relation between truth and image regarding different political landscapes. He lives and works in Rio de Janeiro. 


TIMO KREITZ is a visual designer. In 2014, he completed his degree in visual communication at the UDK Berlin. He works in the fields of video-animation and graphic design.


MARC TROMPETTER is a multimedia artist, working in Berlin. At young age he finance his school via illustrating covers and posters for severel music clubs and labels in germany. One day he was spontaneous asked for doing some visuals for a upcoming club night. He started getting into visuals, projections, sound design and multimedia projects and startet to study media arts in Berlin. His final project was the multimedia staging of an opera, performed in Berlin. Since some years he is running a one-man studio in Berlin, connecting his multimedia skills and early street art / illustration roots to create interdisciplinary work for clients like Deutschlandradio Kultur, rbb Berlin, Universal Music, WDR, Hot Creations Records, Club Gretchen Berlin, AIDA Cruises, Casio Deutschland, Tivoli Theater Hamburg, SWR, Vattenfall and several others.